VyprVPN Review 2019

BEST FOR: Great for users around the world and streaming

  • Self-managed network
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Multiple protocols
  • Competitive pricing

VyprVPN Overview

Joel Timothy

Last updated: 11 April 2019

VyprVPN is a top VPN service that was created in 2009 by Swiss-US company Golden Frog. The VPN boasts a large server network that is fully owned and managed by the Golden Frog company. This gives them the boldness to claim that they are the “The World’s Most Trusted VPN,” always ready to provide “Internet Privacy and Freedom for Everyone, Everywhere.” However, this is perhaps a wishful statement due to the fact that Golden Frog is part American and therefore limited by American laws. In this VyprVPN review, we shall provide you with useful, truthful and updated information to help you decide whether VyprVPN is the security and privacy product you are looking for.


What we liked

  • Based in Switzerland
  • 200,000+ IP addresses
  • 700+ servers in 35 countries
  • Multiple Protocols
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • 3 day Free Premium Trial


What can be improved

  • Keeps connection logs (30 days)
  • No anonymous payment method
  • Not torrent friendly
  • Strict no-refund policy

Security & Privacy


Golden Frog GmbH, the parent company of VyprVPN, is incorporated in Switzerland. This is a superb choice because of Switzerland’s favorable privacy laws. Switzerland respects digital privacy and is one of the countries that has established internet user protection and privacy laws. These are enforced via the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Data Protection Ordinance (DPO).

Unfortunately, VyprVPN doesn’t offer zero logs, even though it’s incorporated in Switzerland. Whenever a connection to VyprVPN is made, they retain the following data for 30 days:

  • The user’s source IP address
  • The VyprVPN IP address used by the user
  • Connection start and stop time
  • Total number of bytes used

VyprVPN claims that the collected data is used to for billing issues, TOS issues, troubleshooting, AUP issues, and for handling crimes performed on the service.

However, the collected data is more than enough to identify who you are, even though the activities you do are still not logged. This data can be used against you in a court of law. VyprVPN even admits that they produce this logged data when requested by a court order.

“Golden Frog will not sell or otherwise release a member’s identifying information – minimal information reasonably calculated to identify and no more – or usage information to investigators, attorneys, or agencies unless we are directed to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction in the matter. If there is a hearing in court, the member will be notified so they will have an opportunity to contest the surrender of personal information.”

Further, Golden Frog is still under the regulations of the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework set forth by the US Department of Commerce. This regards the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries. Whenever needed, VyprVPN can submit this data.

This therefore greatly compromises VyprVPN’s promise of total privacy. If you are looking for high levels of privacy, then you need to look further than VyprVPN.

The only good thing about VyprVPN’s log-keeping is that the data is kept for only 30 days, thanks to the VPN being registered in Switzerland.


VyprVPN is a very secure VPN service. It uses AES-256 CBC which is considered very secure and unbreakable. This encryption is combined with HMAC SHA1 hash authentication and an RSA-2048 handshake. Perfect forward secrecy is provided by a Diffie-Hellman-2048 key exchange. These are very secure standards, though HMAC SHA1 can still be upgraded to HMAC SHA2, allowing the VPN to achieve higher levels of security.

VyprVPN offers various protocols:

  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP/ IPsec
  • PPTP

With the Premium plan, you also get access to their proprietary Chameleon protocol. Among these protocols, OpenVPN and Chameleon are the most recommended because they have a good balance of speed and security.

  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • OpenVPN
  • Chameleon Protocol

To offer better security, VyprVPN also provides a NAT firewall. The firewall prevents unfamiliar inbound traffic.

Pricing & Payment

VyprVPN has 2 pricing packages:

  • VyprVPN
  • VyprVPN Premium

Having different plan names suggests that each offer different features for the same duration, and they do. Here is a quick analysis of both plans.


  • Costs $9.95 a month, billed monthly
  • Or $5.00, billed $60 every 12 months.
  • Offers 3 simultaneous connections
  • PPTP only


  • Costs $12.95 a month, billed monthly
  • Or $6.67, billed $80 every 12 months
  • Offers 3 Simultaneous connections
  • Includes NAT Firewall
  • PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and Chameleon protocols available

Both packages have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switches, and VyprDNS.



Per month

3-Day Risk-Free Trial

most popular


Per month

3-Day Risk-Free Trial

VyprVPN Premium


Per month

3-Day Risk-Free Trial

*Although we make every effort to ensure all prices are accurate, we cannot guarantee thet they are always up to date

Each plan can either be billed monthly or annually.Generally, we can say that VyprVPN is priced on the higher side. Its not what could be termed a cheap VPN.  However, this is made up for by the number and quality of features that the VPN offers.

Payment Methods

VyprVPN accepts 3 major types of payments:

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc)
  • PayPal
  • Alipay


Worth noting is the absence of any mode of payment that allows anonymity. For a VPN registered in Switzerland, a cryptocurrency payment option should be included if the company really wants to promote user privacy.

3-Day Risk-Free Trial

VyprVPN has a strict no-refund policy. Instead of offering a money back guarantee, they offer a full 3 day risk-free trial. This trial is available for both VyprVPN basic and VyprVPN Premium. Once you sign up, you won’t be charged anything. Charges will only be made after 3 days if you don’t cancel your subscription.

You can therefore use this period to determine if VyprVPN is the right VPN for you.

Credit cards
and more!


We found the VyprVPN apps to be quite reliable in terms of performance. However, we experienced some rare disconnections with the Android app, something that isn’t good with an app that is supposed to ensure our online security.

Speed test

We also did a few speed tests for this VyprVPN review. Below are our normal speeds, meant to help us get a benchmark for the speed rates.


VyprVPNWe then connected to a server near us.


The speeds were pretty decent considering that we used the OpenVPN 256-bit encryption. The VPN is however a bit slow in comparison to some of the top VPNs.

Finally, we connected to a server far away.


The speeds here dropped even further due to the increase in distance.

Generally, these are pretty awesome speeds and can be used to stream without any lags. VyprVPN can therefore be considered on the list of fast VPN services.

This speed test was recently conducted on April 18, 2019.

Servers & Location

VyprVPN has a large server network with 700+ servers located in 35 countries and 73 locations. These servers are distributed across Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America.

This is a solid distribution of servers, and all corners of the world are well covered to give you unlimited access. VyprVPN servers use 200,000+ global IPs and server switches are unlimited.


VyprVPN offers a number of attractive features that are meant to enhance your VPN experience.

Split Tunneling

VyprVPN provides split tunneling, though it is not available on the desktop client. The feature is only found in the router client and the smartphone client.

Split tunneling is a very useful feature as it allows you to select what you want to use with the VPN service. As for the router, you can easily select which devices to secure with the VPN, and which ones you don’t need to.

For example, you can choose to use your SmartTV with the VPN in order to access legal streaming services, while at the same time use your smartphone for local banking.

Kill Switch

A killswitch is another important feature that automatically disconnects your internet whenever your VPN connection drops. This helps protect your identity and data from being reachable without your VPN when doing activities online.

DNS Leak Protection

VyperVPN also offers DNS leak protection. This feature helps prevent your device from sending DNS request to the ISP, rather than through VyprDNS or any other set third-party DNS. DNS leaks can expose what websites you are visiting.

NAT Firewall

The VyprVPN NAT firewall is meant to provide an extra layer of security whenever you are connected to the VPN service. The firewall works by blocking unrequested inbound traffic. Such traffic comes from hackers and bots who scan to identify and then exploit unprotected devices for identity theft and spamming.

Smart DNS
Bypass Netflix
Onion Tow Web Address
Split Tunneling
Stealth Technology/Servers
Allow Torrenting
Automatic Kill Switch
Open Ports

VyprDNS – Zero-Knowledge DNS

VyprDNS is VyprVPN’s Zero-knowledge DNS. It’s called Zero Knowledge because unlike most 3rd party DNS servers that keep your records, VyprDNS doesn’t remember anything. Since more repressive governments restrict the use of DNS on various services, VyprDNS has been developed with technology that helps it overcome these restrictions.

VyprDNS can survive DNS “man in the middle” attacks that are used to redirect traffic. VyprDNS is built into the VPN technology and therefore, it doesn’t require any configuration. It also can’t be used outside VyprVN.

Chameleon Protocol

There are governments like China and Iran that normally block VPN traffic. This is because normal VPN traffic has identifiable packets. This is the reason why Golden Frog developed the Chameleon protocol. Chameleon maintains the unbreakable OpenVPN 256-bit encryption, but can disguise this traffic as regular HTTPS traffic.

By making it appear this way, firewalls can’t notice that this is VPN traffic. VyprVPN Chameleon protocol therefore restores internet freedom even for those in highly censored countries. Chameleon is available to Premium members for use in Windows, Mac, Android or a router.

Self-Managed Servers

VyprVPN boasts a server network that they solely own and fully manage. The fact they are in total control of own their software, hardware, and networks without involving a third party makes it a tier-1 service, alongside only IPVanish. This helps keep the network speedier and also increases security and privacy.

Torrenting with VyprVPN

VyprVPN allows P2P. However, the service is likely not useful for most torrenters. The VPN only allows legal torrenting.. Downloading copyrighted content can get your account suspended immediately, regardless of how much time you had left. You can also end up getting DMCA notices in your inbox. This may be a problem for some avid torrenters. .

VyprVPN Setup & User Interface

The Website

VyprVPN Review

As a product of Golden Frog company, VyprVPN is found within the parent company website. The website is super clean and is very well organized. Finding tons of information about the VPN is quite easy, since the website easy to navigate. Info about the parent company history is also provided to give you a better understanding of the VPN.

Getting Started with VyprVPN

To get your VyprVPN account up and running, you just need to click Try it Free on the homepage. You will be taken to the sign-up window where you can fill your details. Pay attention here, as the Premium plan is usually pre-selected by default. To switch to VyprVPN Basic, you need to scroll up a little.

Otherwise, you can just fill in ** your details. The following will be required:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Password

Under the billing section, you can then select whether to be billed monthly or annually. You will also be required to select your country and billing postal code.

For a VPN service, you don’t have to give away everything about yourself. You can use a fake postal code or email, though the lack of bitcoin payment will always leave you exposed.

After making your payment, a confirmation will be sent to your email address. You can confirm your account by clicking the link sent in the email.

Note: You won’t be charged immediately. For whatever plan you have chosen, charges will be applied after three days. If you just want to try out their service, make sure to cancel your account before 72 hours after signing up. Otherwise, you will be charged. Remember that VyprVPN observes a strict no refund policy, and therefore you be sure your money will not be returned.

Device Compatibility

VyprVPN is one of the most compatible VPN services you will come around. Golden frog has developed apps for:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Router (Tomato MIPS/ARM Framework)
  • TV (Android)
  • Blackphone
  • QNAP
  • Anonabox

Source: Screenshot

This is a large selection of apps, though the VPN should be able to offer Linux support.

VyprVPN Desktop Client

Installing the VyprVPN Windows client is quite easy. All you need to do is launch the setup and accept the requested permissions. The set up takes less a minute and a half to complete.

After that, if you didn’t select Launch VyprVPN during the setup, you can just double-click it to open.

The app comes with a simplistic interface, and connection is just a click away. By clicking the huge Connect button, you will be connected to the fastest server near you.

However, the algorithm used here by most VPNs is not always correct, and so you may need to double-check the server you are given. We were able to connect to faster servers than was suggested.

VyprVPN Review

To select a server manually, you need to click the Location icon next to the Connect button. You will then be given a list of servers to connect to, with their ping rate displayed. You can also sort the servers by region or search by country.

VyprVPN Review

The graph below that button usually shows the performance of your network, whether connected or not connected to a VP server.

Below that, there’s a windows that shows:

    • Your connection status (connected or disconnected)
    • Your current IP address
    • The time you’ve been connected
    • The protocol in use
    • Your firewall status

Customization Options

You can also tweak your VPN experience with a couple of options. To do so, click the gear-like button on the top right side, and then select Options.

Under Connection, you will get the option to determine how the app functions. Among the options here is the activation of the kill switch.

VyprVPN Review

Under Protocol, you can now choose the protocol to use. Remember that a protocol should always be chosen depending on your needs.

VyprVPN Review

Chameleon is meant for people who live in highly censored countries, while PPTP provides basic security and should only be used to access legal streaming services. L2TP is not really a good option, and you should generally opt for OpenVPN. This is the protocol that guarantees a good balance of security and speeds.

Under DNS, you can choose your DNS settings and activate DNS Leak Protection. The Advanced section is quite, well, advanced, and should be left to those that have a decent technical understanding of configuring VPN settings. .

VyprVPN Smartphone Client

The VyprVPN Android client is one that you will surely love. It is quite different from the desktop client, though it still maintains the same features. The homepage quite a number of features, yet it’s straightforward at the same time. It has fancy graphics that display your connection at any particular time.

VyprVPN Review

The upper part of the interface can be swiped to show a protection report, speed graph and connection logs.

VyprVPN Review

Under Settings, one can customize the app by choosing a protocol. The protocols available here are Chameleon (256-bit), OpenVPN 256-bit encryption, and OpenVPN 160-bit encryption.

VyprVPN Review

You can also choose whether to use VyprDNS or a third party DNS, and then specify your connection preferences under Automatic Connect.

Split tunneling is also available under Connection Per App. It is very useful here, as it will allow you to select only the apps you want to use with the VPN.



We found that VyprVPN works with Netflix. To test it, we connected to a VyprVPN’s New York server. We then tried watching a series that is only available in the US, the Walking Dead.

VyprVPN also works with other streaming sites including Hulu and BBC iPlayer.


VyprVPN is one of the few VPNs that work in China. This is due to the obfuscation technology that has been implemented in Chameleon protocol. To sign up for the service while in China, you can use the Golden Frog mirror site which is not blocked. You can access it at https://www.goldenfrog.online/


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux



  • Android Boxes
  • Router Configuration
  • Apple TV
  • DDWRT Router

Customer support

VyprVPN has a commendable customer support. This is especially so because of their live chat support that operates around the clock, 365 days a year. We decided to test the effectiveness of the live chat while doing this VyprVPN review.

Unfortunately, we found that the live chat is not always manned.

When we finally got them online, we were connected within 15 seconds, and the agent was quite helpful.

Apart from the live chat, VyprVPN also gives the option of communicating with them using an email support system or an online contact form.

Apart from contacting support, you can also get your queries sorted out using their troubleshooting guides and FAQs.


VyprVPN is a big name, and the VPN performed quite well during our VyprVPN review. The fact that they own and manage their whole network makes them a trustworthy company in terms of security. However, VyprVPN is not the VPN that we would advise you to go for if you are looking for high-level privacy or if you participate in pirated torrenting. Whenever VyprVPN receives a DMCA note, they are able to match your identity and forward it to you. The fact that they keep logs makes the situation even worse. However, if you are looking to participate in legal online activities – we’re sure you are! -, then VyprVPN can be your best friend when you’re online. The VPN is quite stable, offers super security, decent speeds, and a wide array of features.